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A tribute to the games that made us. 8,888 Unique algorithmically generated pixel-avatar NFT’s on Solana.

We are The Contras

All Contras will be generated uniquely based on more than 200.000 trait combinations possible. 

There will be 5 unique 1/1’s Contras minted within the collection. 

Minting cost

The Contras mint will be at 0.1 SOL + transaction fee.

The Contras traits

All Contras have different hair, bodies, eyes and other unique accessories rated in rarity.


We value community over everything. The Contras community will have a big say in where the we will go.

How to mint?

Install a Solana wallet

We recommend Phantom wallet or SolFlare. Phantom is one of the easiest wallets to use and has a great interface.

Transfer Solana to wallet

Buy Solana on exchanges such as FTX (US), Coinbase or Binance and send it to your Solana wallet.

Mint Contras

Connect your wallet and mint your Contras. They will be visible in the NFT-section of your wallet.

After mint, we will work on getting listed on the following marketplaces:

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